Hi! My name is Victoria Unikel and this is the first in a series of six sci-fi novels I wrote because this story and writing have been my passion for years. Please subscribe to get story updates. I care about my readers’ opinions about the story, so please do comment below with your feedback.

Book 1: Emma + Luke = Disappear to Nowhere


“I CAN’T SEE!”, yelled Emma, hoping that Luke could still hear her. The wall continued to swallow them up, splitting them into smaller and smaller pieces that eventually turned to dust.

“Emma! Emma, where are you? EMMA… MA… MA!”

An echo bounced back parts of her name.

“LUKE!” screamed Emma for all she was worth.

She couldn’t feel her body. Rather, she could only feel the parts that hurt. Her eyes and body burned with a fire she never imagined possible, but her hands…  her hands were the worst. She was afraid to look down; she COULDN’T look down. Her body refused to follow any commands whatsoever. Trying to rub her eyes with her hands led to the horrible realization that she no longer had EYES OR HANDS! Her body refused to obey even the simplest commands, and this lasted forever.  Through her tightly shut eyelids, she saw flashes of light, numbers, and weird formulas, equations, and letters flickering and rushing past. The light seemed to burn right through her head. 


Luke could only hear rumbling and noises all around him. His eyes were still open, but only because of the shock. Where his arms should have been, there was only a bunch of green light — slithering and twirling around with small specks within and moving around furiously, like mad little ants. Black hole… BLACK HOLE, was the only thought bouncing around his skull for some reason.

A metallic voice interrupted him.


Luke was gripped by a weird feeling. It was like the giggles — uncontrollable laughter, and entirely without a trace of fear. He looked at his arms — they were crawling with the green ants that gradually began to take on the solid shape of human arms. He laughed! What code? The code to what?

“YOU ARE ENTERING THE FO GALAXY,” said the metallic voice. “ENTER YOUR CODE.”

“Let’s try 125,” said Luke at random, recalling his house number.

“YOUR CODE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. GATE TO ELORAH IS OPEN,” the disembodied metallic voice said.

Emma heard ringing in her ears and her head throbbed. Finally, she regained some feeling in her feet, hands, and even fingers, but along with this improvement, her head started throbbing.  Luke started blinking as tears filled his eyes, but his eyes felt as if they were full of sand. With each blink, the pictures around him changed. He saw — a tunnel — a tunnel filled with neon light — a giant red sphere — huge room full of people — someone’s giant eyes. Water. Water. Water. He took a deep breath —

Then suddenly everything went quiet and black as Emma squeezed her eyes shut.


 … A warm, gentle breeze pleasantly stroked Emma’s face and hair. She was lying with her eyes closed and unable to open them; she couldn’t move an inch.

It’s probably, some type of magic, thought Emma. She and her mom once went to a famous magic show. This had to be a magician and he probably hypnotized us. I’ll open my eyes, and everything will be OVER. Slowly she started to feel her body and carefully considered opening her eyes. She had no idea where she was and was really hoping that she would find herself in her own bed, but it was too rough to be the case. As she finally decided to open her eyes, what she saw exceeded her worst expectations! Emma was sprawled out on sand that ran as far as the eye could see, but the weird thing about it was the strange color — a bluish-white that seemed to penetrate the eyes and stab deep into the brain, just like snow on a sunny day.

Luke apparently woke up before her and was standing close, curiously looking to the sky.

Well, now it definitely seems like magic, thought Emma, but said instead, “When is this finally going to END?!”

Luke helped her get up, “Emma, we disappeared… DISAPPEARED,” he implored her.

Emma looked questioningly at Luke, “Did… we… die?”

“No, we disappeared — to NOWHERE.”